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Join Us For Our Weekly Gatherings

Urban Eden Cmty is a nurturing Kingdom community celebrating the goodness of God.  We embrace the journey of growth and honor space for process while flourishing in community life.


Together, we grow, support, and do life with one another, embodying the true essence of family community focused on God’s kingdom, love and the freedom found in Christ Jesus.

We gather every Sunday at 10:30Am. Visit the events page for location  

True Kingdom Community!

Many of you have expressed to me your desire for community and family...

Over the past year I've heard many of you say that you're not getting what you desire from a 'church'.


And even more so, some of you have been rethinking the whole 'church' system... The way it functions... The crazy things that are taught... & many of you have come to a place that you don't want to have anything to do with it!

You desire more. You desire friends. You desire a family to do life with. You desire truth... Undistorted truth.

You desire the freedom to think, ask questions and go through the process of seeking things out... learning and growing.

This is true Kingdom community!

My family has come to see that community is absolute necessity to thrive...

My wife and I have experienced it and we have seen many others around us who get connected in community begin to completely thrive in life with Christ...

With so many of us desiring the same things, My wife and I have decided to hosts a space for true Kingdom community to gather.

Urban Eden Cmty gathers weekly as a local body to do life with each other, encourage each other and cultivating God family.

This is not your normal 'church' structure. This is community.

Instead of having church, we will be the church.

If this sounds like something you would want to be a part of, then join us on this journey in walking this out.

Visit our calendar of events and sign up to receive reminders and updates.

Upcoming Events

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