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About Us

Kristy And Serge

Kristy and Serge Da Rosa founded Urban Eden Cmty, a ministry rooted in community, established in God's kingdom and passionate about recovery.


As a family of six with a grandchild, they know how important it is to have a support system that encourages and uplifts us through our journey.


They have also experienced firsthand the difficulties of addiction and recovery, which is why they make it their mission to create a healthy community for all to thrive in their walk with Christ.


Join the Urban Eden Cmty and be a part of their mission as they team up with the body of Christ to change regions and manifest Gods kingdom on this earth.

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Urban Eden Cmty Church

Rooted In God's Kingdom
Growing In Community

Urban Eden Cmty Church is a nurturing Kingdom community, embracing the journey of growth, while flourishing in community life. We honor space for process, while recognizing we are each at different places in our walk; knowing our uniqueness will bring completeness and knit our hearts together as family.


Together, we grow, support, and do life with one another, embodying the true essence of family community focused on God’s kingdom, love and the freedom found in Christ Jesus.

We will begin gathering every Sunday starting June 9th @10:30AM

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Latest News

Weekly Sunday Gathering

We had a wonderful time at our first Urban Eden Cmty gathering. In celebration, we fellowshipped over what we call 'The Kings Table'.
-If you are looking for people to do life with, a community hungry for the things of God, a place that goes beyond the norms of 'church' structure.... Then come check us out next week.

Kingdom Reformers w/ Dubb Alexander

A big thanks to Dubb Alexander with School of Kingdom for pouring into our community last night!
It was a super cool time and an absolutely powerful night of revelation, insight and prophecy.
Kingdom Connections!

Giving To Our Communities

We took the opportunity to drop off a BIG blessing of necessities to the Community House Rehab residents, who were overjoyed! Then stayed for the NA meeting that we ended up chairing 😁. The vibe of the house was much different this time. While we witnessed residents processing deep emotions on an earlier event we also saw the hope and intense desire to not give in. We make room for these moments. We are grateful to be a part of that safe space, providing what insight we can with compassion.
Thank you to everyone that gave items. This is Good Fruit! May the receivers and givers be abundantly blessed.
If anyone else would like to contribute for the next trip please send to CashApp $urbanedencmty

The Flow At Lifegate!

What an awesome time at The Flow on the go! LifeGate Freedom Recovery Ministries opened their doors to us as we joined in an evening of community worship, fellowship, praying for each other and sharing testimony. It was an absolutely beautiful night! Thank you Kevin Day for allowing us to be a part of the Lifegate community. And thank you Joey Allen for helping organize the night.

The Gathering In Avant, Ok

What an incredible blessing it was to be a part of the Avant community at The Gathering. Pastor Tommy & Erica Griffin welcomed the UE community with arms wide open as Johan Van Rensburg and Serge Da Rosa ministered in song and word. We all experienced bondages broken, healings and what true kingdom of God community looks like.

We would love to partner with you and be a part of what God is doing in your community. Please reach out!

Flow On The Go @Cognizant Church

A huge thank you to Cognizant Church for hosting The Flow this past Saturday. Also a big thank you to Monisha, Drew and Charlie for stepping in and sharing your gifts with us through worship.
It's was an awesome time of community worship as we gathered together in the unity of faith.
- Kids got touched and identities were shifted. The Lord Be Magnified!

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Our Next Step

   At Urban Eden Cmty, our passion lies in spreading the message of God's kingdom to all of mankind and the earth. We believe that in order to touch the world, we must begin with reaching out to our own communities in spreading Gods love.
Serge At The Flow
Coffee and Book
Better together
   Urban Eden Cmty is committed to creating a space where believers can connect and build relationships that are grounded in Christ. We believe that a strong community can provide support and encouragement during life's challenges and help us grow into the fulness of what God has called us to be.

  Our vision is to offer a community center where people can gather in true worship to learn, and grow together, creating a more unified, loving, and mature community in Christ Jesus. This will be a facility for Believers throughout the region to come together regardless of denomination, and enjoy an atmosphere where people can hang out, have a coffee, participate in groups, classes, and events, and build Christ centered relationships that are grounded in faith, love, and honor.
Join us today and become part of a vibrant and caring community that is committed to making a difference.

Upcoming Events

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Urban Eden Media

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Learn More About THE FLOW

Stay Informed with URban Eden Cmty
Content And Events

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Partner with us by sowing a financial seed to help spread the message of God's Kingdom.

Media And Resources

Jump into hours of teaching on all things Kingdom. From the basics to in depth teachings, we have packed timely content that will help you thrive in your life with Christ.

Listen to weekly episodes from Serge and Kristy Da Rosa on the "Kings And Priests Podcast". Podcast found on all platforms @Kings And Priests Podcast.

The Kingdom Academy
Kings And Priests Podcast
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